Saturday 7th July, 2018

The day dawns gloomy. Make that very very gloomy indeed, with a cloud base lucky to be 2,000′ and light showers on the ranges any point to the east of the field. These are not exactly ideal conditions for a fun flying event which requires pilots to navigate to various airfields in the district, collect a poker hand of playing cards and ultimately return to club HQ at Watts Bridge..

For the rest of the morning, conditions didn’t really improve all that much. A couple of diehard aviators got their hands completed early in the day, ensuring that there was going to be an overall winner. However, the BBQ was simply not doing the roaring trade it should at flying events, much to the disappointment of the organizers who could only stand around, scan the skies and remain ever hopeful.

With midday fast approaching, the weather suddenly made a remarkable change for the better. Those monitoring the VHF were pleasantly surprised to hear multiple contestants inbound for airfield. By the end of the competition over 20 aircraft had arrived, most with 2 or more players, making for a most successful and enjoyable days flying.

As it happened we waited until the very last aircraft, a Cessna from Archerfield had arrived to find the winner for the day. The poker run trophy for 2018 was then formally presented to pilot Chris Spencer-Scarr and team who won with a remarkable hand of 3x Ace’s and 2×9’s. Well done everyone, contestants and organizers alike!!


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