The Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club (BVSAC) brings together a diverse group of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who’s common interest is the sheer joy of flight.

Our membership includes recreational pilots of all experience levels, commercial captains, flight instructors, Licensed Aircraft Mechanical Engineers (LAME’s), RAAus Level 2’s , amateur and experimental aircraft  home builders and many aviation enthusiasts simply enjoying all that sport aviation has to offer.

Our member’s activities cover the entire spectrum of sport aviation including flying, building and  maintaining recreational and general aviation aircraft, microlights, rotor craft and powered parachutes.

The Brisbane Valley Sport Aviation Club is a home base group at Watts Bridge Memorial Airfield and has club meeting rooms and an aircraft  hangar located on the airfield. The hangar provides affordable hangarage for club members. BVSAC members are encouraged to use the club meeting rooms at Watts Bridge, be it for a social cup of coffee, cold drink or the chance of meeting fellow aviators.

Members enjoy many benefits including:

  • A monthly newsletter full of interesting articles, news and timely information.
  • A monthly meeting with a barbeque afterwards.
  • Discount hangarage in the BVSAC Hangar at Watts Bridge Airfield.
  • Unrestricted access to the BVSAC Clubrooms at Watts Bridge Airfield.
  • The opportunity to meet fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts.
  • Access to a large knowledge base including LAME’s, Level 2’s and experienced home builders.
  • Organised events such as the All-In Fly-In, Red Thunder, the Fun Fly Poker Run and Christmas In July.